Save Energy With Outdoor LED Light Chain


According to a study conducted by the Washington State […]

According to a study conducted by the Washington State University Energy Program, the average cost of illuminating five standard C-7 light chains with 25 incandescent bulbs for 150 hours is as high as 500W at a cost of about $6.20. Few lights are almost $27. Most homes may run out 2-3 times. So how do you show the spirit of the festival while saving energy?

The solution to this problem is the LED light chain. Although incandescent bulbs use a lot of watts of energy to illuminate a string of lights, the LED chain uses only 2.4 watts of power, 25 bulbs, and consumes a maximum of 210 watts. You can save even more energy by connecting the light to the outdoor light timer. This timer has a built-in photocell, so you can choose between programmable mode from dusk to dawn or 1 to 9 hours after dusk. E.g. You can set the light to turn on at dusk and automatically turn off after 4 hours.

In addition to energy savings, these LED light chains are safer to use because they consume less heat and make the touch even cooler. This is possible because the lens on the LED light, such as a pure white C6 bulb, is made of almost indestructible solid epoxy. Outdoor LED light chains are up to 8 feet (4 inches between each bulb) so you don't have to worry about limiting your Christmas display. These lights can be used indoors and outdoors to create the beautiful holiday environment you are looking for without feeling energized.

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