LED Light Chain: Why Buy A Commercial Grade Light Chain?


When you hear the commercial grade, the actual stringer […]

When you hear the commercial grade, the actual stringer, not the light bulb, makes the light chain "commercial grade". The lamp can be used interchangeably with standard and commercial grade pointers as long as the base size of the lamp matches the size of the socket of the power cord.

Commercial grade
Commercial grade light chain lights are made from heavy duty wires and have special weatherproof sockets that form a seal around the bulb to prevent water from flowing out. Commercial grade stringers are recommended for permanent installation for year-round placement and for hard wiring. Some customers choose them just because they look beautiful, durable and add a professional look to the backyard.


Standard grade
Standard grade light chains are also suitable for indoor or outdoor installations. They can also be placed all year round, but usually don't last as many years as a commercial-grade light chain. Their low price makes them more suitable for events and smaller, less permanent applications.


Commercial grade socket size options
There are two basic size commercial grade light chains that offer plug and play lengths: commercial C9 and commercial media. Both sizes are very popular and can be used for permanent outdoor lighting. In general, commercial media foundations are more popular for larger jobs with multiple lengths. Commercial C9 is more popular in smaller spaces due to its lighter weight and smaller size bulbs.

The commercial C9 lamp chain light wire is made of wire 16, the socket size is small, and the spacing between the sockets is 15 inches. The typical bulb used is the 7W, G40 Globe Bulb, but you can use any C9 base incandescent or LED bulb. The power cord has a length of 25' or 100', and multiple strands can be plugged together for a maximum operating power of 1200 watts. Custom length C9 ropes are also suitable for backyards or yards that require a specific length.

The commercial mid-size light chain is made of round 14 insulated wire and has a standard household socket size with 24" spacing between the sockets. It comes in two styles: regular and suspended sockets. Hanging sockets hang down from the wires and hang. The conventional socket is mounted on the wire. The popular light bulb paired with this cable is an 11-watt 11S14 bulb (shown below), but you can use any medium-sized incandescent or LED bulb with up to 25 watts. Commercial medium-sized base links are available. 48' and 100' lengths. They have a male plug and an end cap at the end of the wire. They can be changed to extend the run time but can't exceed 1800 watts. A custom length midline (black only) is also available.

Bulk reel
Commercial grade bulk rolls are available in three different outlet sizes: C7, C9 and medium base. They are 330 inches long and are ideal for larger, do-it-yourself projects. Bulk reel light chains do not have plugs because they are typically used for hardwired, permanent installation.

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