What Is The Intelligent LED Mood Light Control System?


LED Mood Light Factory    statement: To understand the […]

LED Mood Light Factory    statement: To understand the principle of intelligent lighting control system, we must first know what is the intelligent lighting control system. The intelligent lighting control system utilizes advanced electromagnetic voltage regulation and electronic induction technology to monitor and track the power supply in real time, automatically and smoothly adjust the voltage and current amplitude of the circuit, and improve the additional power consumption caused by the unbalanced load in the lighting circuit. The power factor reduces the operating temperature of the luminaire and the line to achieve a lighting control system that optimizes the power supply.

Intelligent LED mood light - intelligent LED mood light control system principle

1. Remote lighting: Remote lighting is controlled by radio signals, which is simple and convenient. With the maturity of technology, digital wireless remote control technology has replaced traditional mechanical manual switches, and has gradually become a trend sought by modern people. The remote control switch generally adopts wireless digital identification technology, and each switch works independently and does not interfere with each other. Some people may worry that the direction in which the remote is pointing is too difficult to pinpoint and may affect receiver sensing. In fact, this kind of worry is not necessary. Because the wireless RF remote control has no directionality, the signal can pass through the wall and has no radiation. The buttons can be controlled at any corner of the room. Others think that replacing the switch seems too cumbersome, but the actual operation is very simple, the switch and the luminaire can be simply connected during installation, and will not damage the overall layout of the room.


2, induction lighting: human body induction is also called infrared induction, the human body has a constant body temperature, generally around 37 degrees, so it will emit a specific wavelength of infrared, and human body induction lighting is controlled by capturing this specific wavelength of infrared The lamps are extinguished. Different from the remote control switch to control the lamp at any time through the button, the biggest feature of the infrared body sensor switch is the delay illumination. Because the human body can't stand in front of the switch to keep the light on, once the infrared sensing range is left, the light can't be turned off immediately. How to extinguish it after turning on the light? This requires time-lapse lighting to control the lighting time. During the delay time period, if someone is active within the effective sensing range, the switch will continue to be turned on. After the person leaves, the delay will automatically turn off the load, realizing the intelligent control function of “people come to light and people go out”.


3, touch lighting: touch devices usually have built-in touch sensor chips, the current mainstream technology of touch sensor panels uses capacitive sensing technology, which brings capacitance changes through finger touch, thus controlling switches or lamps.