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Night lights come in all shapes and sizes. The most com […]

Night lights come in all shapes and sizes. The most common type plugs into a wall outlet. In addition, many night lights come in the form of portable dolls or toys that children can embrace while they sleep. In recent years, projector night lights that project images or colors onto wall surfaces have also become popular. Although the price point varies by brand and model, most night lights cost $ 30 or less.



The term "night light" refers to any small light fixture that provides soft lighting in a dimly lit room. According to the International Certified Home Inspection Association, approximately 90 million night lights are purchased in the United States each year. Parents often install night lights in the bedrooms of young children, especially if the children are afraid to be alone in the dark. The night light can also be used in the bathroom as a visual aid to stairs and other potential obstacles or dangers. In addition, some public places (such as movie theaters) use night lights to display emergency exit routes.


Home night lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and shoppers can choose from a variety of design options including plug-in fixtures, projectors, and plush toys with built-in lights. Prices vary by brand and model, but most night lights cost less than $ 30. There are many benefits to using night lights in your child's bedroom-although parents should also be aware of certain safety hazards associated with these devices.


Let's look at some common night light designs.


Sleep problems for hotel guests and travelers
By definition, the night light is designed to provide a soft, soothing light without disturbing sleep. In fact, many children fall asleep easily under night lights, especially if they show a fear of darkness. Compared to a room illuminated by a ceiling light, the child's newborn must be checked at night. Babies and walker parents are also more likely to fall asleep after spending some time in a room with night lights.


Night lights are usually electrical equipment designed for incandescent, halogen, compact fluorescent (CFL) or light emitting diode (LED). The following table lists some significant similarities and differences between the two light sources.


Despite being more expensive, LEDs are also more efficient than incandescent, halogen, and CFL bulbs because they don't waste much energy to provide the heat needed to produce light. They also have a reduced risk of burns, which is an important consideration for parents of children who may get up at night. However, it should be noted that the bulbs used in night lights are smaller, have lower power (usually 10 watts or less), and have the same life as standard bulbs; average night lights will last 1,000 to 3,000 hours.


In addition, electroluminescent night lights do not have any bulbs at all. Light is emitted from materials that respond to current or charge.



Historically, night lights have been manually operated by switches. Some models produced today are equipped with a daylight sensor that automatically turns on or off based on the darkness of the room, while a motion sensor triggers light when someone enters the room. Others have a sleep timer that turns off the power of the night light after a preset amount of time.



Popular types of night lights include:



Plug-in fixtures: These designs are somewhat synonymous with "night lights" and require the use of a power outlet to generate light.



Projector: The projector does not produce soft light focused on the area around the luminaire, but displays the image on the wall or ceiling of the room. The night light of some projectors also plays music regularly.



In addition to these types of night lights, some parents also use candle-lit tea lights to illuminate their bedrooms at night. However, these light sources have inherent fire hazards and we do not recommend using them in any bedroom, especially children's bedrooms.



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