LED Candle Light Factory-7 Classification Methods Of LED Candle Light


There are several types of LED candle bulb shells: LED […]

There are several types of LED candle bulb shells:
LED tip bubble, LED tail bubble, LED round bubble.



Classification by bubble material:
Most of the materials on the market are glass blister and plastic transparent blister.

Classified by bubble color:
With the increasing demand for specialization, many new ideas have also appeared in the bubble shell color. Commonly, there are milky frosted bubble shells (multi-export), red bubble shells (mostly used in sacrifice and entertainment venues), and brown glass bubble shells (customers System), according to the needs of special places, the color of the shell will become more and more abundant




The structure of the light body can be divided into 2 categories: LED screw candle lights and LED glossy candle lights



Classification by surface treatment process (also refers to the surface treatment process of the light body)
At present, the surface treatment technology of the aluminum parts of candle lights is mainly oxidized and electroplated. Compared with the oxidation treatment, the electroplating treatment will make the aluminum surface more shiny and more textured.



Classification by light holder:
Candle lights are mainly used in decorative lights such as crystal chandeliers and wall lights. Most of the light heads are E14 / E27, and E12 light heads are also useful.







Classified by functional attributes:
LED candle light is a small auxiliary light source. Due to structural limitations, it is difficult to make new breakthroughs in appearance and shape. Therefore, research and development are also more and more inclined to electronic applications. Currently, there are LED dimming candle lights, LED color candle lights, Dimming and toning candle lights and more.




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