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LED decorative color lights have healthy light, no ultr […]

LED decorative color lights have healthy light, no ultraviolet and infrared in the light, no radiation, no pollution, DC power supply, no flicker, eye protection, etc. General energy-saving lights and incandescent lights contain ultraviolet and infrared rays! LED decorative color lights are green and environmentally friendly, and do not contain harmful elements such as mercury and lead in the production process. Most electrical accessories can be recycled and reused without electromagnetic disturbance. General lights contain harmful elements such as mercury and lead. Energy-saving lights The electronic ballast in the electromagnetic disturbance occurs.




High light extraction efficiency, low heat generation, 90% of electrical energy is converted into visible light, generally only 20% of electrical energy of incandescent lights is converted into visible light, and the other 80% of electrical energy is converted to thermal energy, which is a great waste of limited capital. LED decorative lights are suitable for home decoration, theater, corridor, restaurant, hotel, hotel, commercial building, guest house, supermarket, bar, coffee shop, tea room, cultural entertainment, business occasion, advertising, conference decoration, etc. The use of led light sources in the field of luminaires is developing rapidly and will replace other light sources in the coming years. In these years, the use of LED skills in the field of lighting has brought unprecedented influence to the days of planners and everyone.



After deepening the understanding of LED light source skills, referring to the planning characteristics and development trends of the traditional light appearance, the existing LED decorative color lights were analyzed, and the appearance of the light was opened up based on the advantages of LED skills. Find the combination of the new LED skills and the appearance planning of the lights and lanterns, and create unusual LED decorative lanterns.




The structure of led decorative lantern products has continuously explored its innovations, widely attracting others' strengths, and has successively introduced combined lanterns with various artistic appearances and data structures. LED decorative lanterns are rich in color, safe, energy-saving, strong, and other characteristics. The main raw material is iron or stainless steel to make a variety of artistic appearances to achieve landscaping. LED decorative lanterns make up for road lighting. Lightings with different appearances, such as dancers on the street, appreciate daylight as real objects; night falls, and rich and colorful high-brightness light sources add a bit of quietness and beauty to the night. Its point light source is our company's latest patented product. It has a light weight, small wind resistance, a big situation, and rich colors. It uses a DC low voltage power supply method, which has the advantages of power saving, safety, long life, and protection-free.



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