Let Your Yard Shine With LED Christmas Light


A few weeks from the summer, it’s perfectly appropriate […]

A few weeks from the summer, it’s perfectly appropriate to start thinking about Christmas decorations, right? In fact, we have been thinking about Christmas decorations, but now it is your turn to join the conversation. We think they are truly innovative and add a lot to your overall look.

C9 strobe light Whether you are designing and operating a commercial light show or making a display to share Christmas spirit with your neighbors, the C9 strobe light is a great way to speak. These eye-catching lamps feature pure white, red and green LED bulbs that flash 180 times per minute.

 The simple decoration of LED snowflakes and stars is a good way to decorate your home's windows or front yard (perhaps both because their diameters range from 24" to 60").

LED bulbs save you money, which means you can use them as a lighthouse and let Santa take you home in the cold winter storm without spending your wealth. These can be used indoors and outdoors because our LED Christmas lights are waterproof.

 LED Christmas Light Strings is nothing more magical and opportunistic than our basic LED Christmas Light Strings, because it gives you the opportunity to create your masterpiece from scratch.

LED Christmas Light Jewelry has C7 LED bulb, C9 LED bulb, C6 string, C7 string, C9 string, C12 LED bulb, 5MM LED and M5 LED. You can find one color (warm white, pure white, red, green, blue, yellow/gold, orange/amber, pink and purple), RGB multi-color strands and color-changing LED lights. see? The possibilities are endless! This is just part of the different LED Christmas lights and decorations we offer at the Christmas Lights Mall.

Check it yourself! This year there are plans to decorate the fun! By the way - Ninghai Yuhua Company   is a manufacturer specializing in the production of LED Christmas lights and    LED Holiday Light    in China. With an annual output of more than 3 million luminaires, it can meet the needs of customers with different purchases. Have their own quality inspection system and testing equipment to ensure product quality. The goods are exported to Europe, the United States, Australia and other countries and regions.