LED Holiday Light-LED Christmas Light Control Voltage Application


Today, light emitting diodes (LEDs) are becoming more c […]

Today, light emitting diodes (LEDs) are becoming more common and are often used to make LED Christmas lights. LED Christmas lights save a lot of power because they consume very little power. For example, a 70-meter LED string with a length of 2 meters uses only 4 watts in total, while a normal Christmas light itself uses only 5 watts.

Connect LED lights
When connecting the LED Christmas lights to a power source, take extra care, because if the power source is too strong, the lights may be damaged and you will not be able to use them again. Lights may burst because they consume too much power. You must ensure that there is a resistor in the circuit to help control the voltage.


Follow Ohm's Law
Remember, you should follow Ohm's law to check the circuit of Christmas lights and make sure everything is working properly. According to Ohm's law, voltage is the product of resistor and current, so V = IR; the letter V stands for voltage, I stands for current, and R stands for resistance. In most cases, these LED Christmas lights are rated for 0.25 amps and are usually controlled by a 12 volt power supply.



Take the white LED light as an example
The voltage drop generated by ordinary white LED lights is about 3.6 volts. So if your light is running on a 12 volt power supply, you need a series of about three LED lights to fully run. In this case, the voltage drop is 10.8 volts because each of the three lights will produce a voltage drop of 3.6 volts.



You now need to subtract 10.8 volts from 12 volts. Therefore, the resulting 1.2 volts is the additional voltage drop required for the LED Christmas light circuit. On the other hand, to calculate the wattage of the resistor, you must multiply 1.2 volts by 0.25 amps. Since the answer will be 0.03 watts, a 1/4 watt resistor will be sufficient.



Make sure to control the voltage and current through the LED Christmas Light Circuit. Failure to adjust the voltage properly may cause the light to go out permanently. If you are not sure, it is strongly recommended that you use the LED resistance calculator to check the calculation results again.



Safety of LED Christmas Lights
Once the voltage is controlled, you can rest assured that the circuit of the LED Christmas lights is safe. LED lights have many advantages. They do not get hot when turned on. In fact, if you touch one of them, you will not burn your hands. LED Christmas lights are considered long-lasting lights and do not harm your house, such as a Christmas tree on fire.



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