LED Craft Light-Artistic Effect Of Craft Art Lighting


1.Static light and flowing light Static light-the fixtu […]

1.Static light and flowing light Static light-the fixture is fixed, the light is still, and the light that does not flicker is a static light. Most indoor lighting uses static lighting. This lighting method can make full use of light energy and create a stable, soft, and harmonious atmosphere of light environment. It is suitable for schools, factories, office buildings, shopping malls, exhibitions and other places.


2.Flowing light-it is a flowing lighting method, it has rich artistic expression, and it is a commonly used method in stage lighting and urban neon advertising design. For example, "following lights" are used on the stage to constantly chase moving actors, and neon lights used as advertising lighting are constantly flowing and flickering, frequently changing colors, not only highlighting the artistic image, but also rendering the environment and artistic atmosphere.


3.Laser is a light beam emitted by a laser. The medium that generates the laser beam is crystal, glass, gas (such as argon, krypton, helium-neon, etc.) and dye solution. Some gas lasers have been used as light sources for light art, of which the helium-neon laser is a commonly used one that produces red monochromatic light; the argon ion laser produces blue-green and green light, which can be diffracted by light The gratings are separated to form two monochromatic lights of different colors.


Different dye lasers can generate any kind of laser with a wavelength range of 400 to 750 mm as required. However, dye lasers are devices that work in pulse mode, and they must rely on their lasers or electronic flashes as the driving source.


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