LED Holiday Light -7 Holiday Lighting Safety Tips


What do I need to pay attention to when I have a happy […]

What do I need to pay attention to when I have a happy holiday with my friends and happily decorate the holiday lights? China LED Festival Lights Company & Ninghai Haohua Electronic&Electric Co ,Ltd . elaborated 7 safety tips for festival lighting. Lets you hang holiday lights efficiently

1) Use the right holiday lights
Both LEDs (light emitting diodes) and incandescent lights can create stunning holiday lighting displays. Keep in mind that incandescent lights have a higher average cost in terms of energy and life. The average life of LED lights is 50,000 hours, while incandescent lights can only last 1200 hours. LED lights also consume less power, namely 6-8 watts and 60 watts.

2) When installing Christmas lights, please operate safely
When installing lighting, make sure that someone looks at you, especially when using a ladder on a roof or a tall tree. Always remember the following:

Make sure your ladder is secure and locked on all four legs
Stay centered, don't over-straighten or shake the ladder to complete the lighting of an area
Facing the ladder when climbing up and down-never jump down

3) Check your lights
Holiday string lights will be stored for several months in a row. Before you install, make sure to test that your light works. If the power cord becomes brittle or cracked, be sure to replace it. It is better to spend money on new lights than to catch fire.

4) Check the power socket
It is important not to overload the power outlet with the overhead display. The light should always be connected to a ground-fault circuit breaker socket, which is used outdoors to help reduce the risk of electric shock and short circuits. Use caution when using multiple extension cords to power on the monitor. Too much can cause circuit overload.

5) Measures
Measure where you hang your lights to avoid buying more than you need. Be sure to identify the nearest electrical outlet and purchase an appropriate length of extension cord to power the light.

6) Save money with timer
Turn on the lights before going home. Timers are a great way to reduce the burden of turning lights on and off, and they can save you money if you forget to turn them off at night. Any large store can use multiple styles and functions.

7) Call a professional holiday light installer
Holidays are best spent with family and friends, rather than hanging and repairing Christmas lights. Professionals can take care of all this (design and installation), while ensuring the safety and warmth of your interior. When hiring a professional installer, make sure you ask the following questions to prevent future problems:

Do they have adequate insurance?
Are they OSHA compliant and certified?
Do they use clips / hardware that won't damage your home?
Do they have official design training?
Will they create a customer lighting plan for your location?
Will maintenance be provided throughout the season?
How do they hang extra lights from your gutter?
Are all bulb / luminaire LEDs?
If you are planning to light your home for this upcoming holiday, remember these 7 holiday lighting tips to have a magical and safe holiday!

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