LED Holiday Light: How To Hang Christmas Lights


Merry Christmas holidays, illuminate the holidays and t […]

Merry Christmas holidays, illuminate the holidays and the surrounding area by decorating the house with colorful Christmas lights. The following tips and strategies will make hanging holiday lights easier and faster, so you can take a step back and enjoy your masterpiece when you're done.

First, the short Christmas lights taxonomy

Regarding holiday lights, there are many terms here. Here is a brief glossary of some terms you need to know:


LED: at least twice as long as incandescent. Emits very bright light. LED bulbs remain cool to the touch, but some pure white bulbs may look a little too cold.

Wide-angle LED: An LED light bulb with a concave tip emits light.

Transparent: Colored miniature light bulbs with visible filaments.

Ceramic: Opaque, looks like it has been painted. classic.

Earth: The LED inside the bulb keeps cool.

NET LIGHTS: Minilight or small LED in a mesh circuit.

RGB LED: Programmable diode that can display light of almost any color.

Some things you might need

Stop and create a lighting plan before you start to distribute the light string throughout the venue. Measure the distance you want to string lights. This is likely to happen around rakes, eaves or gutters, and doors and windows. Then use the plan to estimate how many filaments you need and how long each wick should be. Remember, whenever possible, use a long chain, not two or three short chains connected together.

There is no standard harness length, but there are standard size bulbs, and there is a standard distance between two bulbs on a single line. Look for C7 or C9 size bulbs with a 6 to 8 inch pitch. The longer distance between the bulbs allows more light to spread over a wider area, resulting in more picturesque shadows and a warmer feeling.

The C7 bulb is smaller than the C9 bulb and has an E12 candle holder base. They are about 1 1/2 inches long and typically use 5 watt bulbs. The C9 bulb is larger, more than 2 inches long, and fits the E17 base. Their power is 7 or 10 watts. Both C7 and C9 bulbs are available with incandescent or LED lights.

Housing layout
Place the male end of the first bulb on the eave corner closest to the exit. The eaves are the lowest part of the roof and extend beyond the walls of the house.

Now, extend the light along the eaves and outside the house. Make sure to tighten the harness-no one likes drooping lights. Fix the lights with binders to prevent them from sagging or climbing onto the roof. Editing is cheap (less than $ 6 per 100 pieces), so buy a bunch.

Then, use an external grade extension cord to connect the light to the outlet.

Tree layout
If you are looking for a quick and easy way to illuminate trees and bushes, just cast a clear light on them. But to make the look more traditional, wrap the tree with a bunch of ordinary mini lights. Not only does this look better, but it also gives you the opportunity to wrap the trunk and each individual branch into any number of lights.

To determine how many feet of lighting you need, divide the height of your luggage by the required spacing between each light strip; approximately 3 inches is ideal. Then multiply that number by the perimeter of the suitcase. Do the same calculation for any large branch you want to pack.

First, wrap the light around the tree, leaving a distance of about 6 inches between each pass. Continue to the branch and re-wrap to the blank space. This will give you the 3 inch pitch you need. So for a 6-foot trunk that is 2 feet tall, divide 72 inches by 3 inches to give a total of 24. Multiply 24 by a 2-foot circle to get 48 feet of light.

Electrical problem
When stringing lights outdoors, it is not uncommon to blow a fuse on the filament. Look for tiny fuses behind the small sliding door on the male end of the plug. If the fuse blows, replace it with a new fuse of the same amperage. When moisture enters the connector that connects the strings to each other, it usually causes the fuse to blow.

Holiday Classic
To create a classic, most traditional Christmas scene, decorate your house with a string of white lights. Hang the lights in three spaces: along the gutter or eaves, windows, larger trees or bushes. And try to call the target.

There are three types of white LED lights:

Warm white mimics the light of a classic incandescent light bulb.
Polar white gives an ice blue tone.
Pure white is exactly that: pure, bright white light.

In fact, most people find that pure white bulbs are a bit too bright, and there is no joyous atmosphere at all. The best way is to place warm white harnesses along the eaves or gutters and offset them with trees and shrubs with extremely white light. These two tones complement each other. Avoid using pure white bulbs unless you like the look of the high beam.

Delightful monster
The difference between the festival's holiday light display and the dazzling bright flood of bright lights is the color and number of light bulbs.

Use a multicolored harness along the gutter and a string of icicle lights below it. And use bulbs of various sizes to create more visual interest. Larger C9 bulbs are best installed along the roof line and gutters; C7 is suitable for doors and windows. You can pack holiday garlands with mini lights. If you can easily plug it in, you can also wrap your mailbox. If not, use a battery-powered Christmas light.

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