LED Decorative Light Manufacturer-Tube Design: Different Space Needs


As an important part of interior architectural space an […]

As an important part of interior architectural space and decoration design, the importance of lighting design is being recognized by more and more consumers. With the clever interaction of light and shadow, it is a good way to renovate and decorate the home space. .


However, due to the different functions and spaces, different living room, bedroom, kitchen and other living space have different requirements for the design of lighting. As lighting design is an important part of decoration design, it is also an important means to add "light" to the interior space. Therefore, to design a comfortable lighting effect, not only need to consider space decoration, lighting effects The consideration is even more important in space.


The     LED Decorative Light Manufacturer     elaborated the design concept of living room lighting: Chinese culture determines the important status of the living room. From rest to entertainment, and then to guests, the living room carries many functions. Therefore, in the design of the living room, complex lighting systems are often designed to take into account different needs, which is from the demand side. At the same time, the living room is often equipped with decorative lights such as spotlights to suit some special purposes. For example, there are often boutique cabinets, murals, etc. in the living room, which need to be illuminated with special lights. In addition, in the space design of the living room, some people like to place a leisure sofa in the living room, so it is necessary to place a floor light beside the sofa. The light from this floor light can shine upwards and then reflect off the ceiling. This way the light is spread evenly in every corner of the bedroom.


In order to highlight the various sections, the lighting arrangement is also very clever. The living room has different partitions: sofa, audio-visual, wine cabinet, activity area, passage, etc. The lighting design principles of these places are to create multiple parts and coordinate the whole. Through different lighting methods, create lighting effects suitable for different moods. . In addition, many people like to use indirect lighting for the lighting design of the living room. I like it because indirect lighting can play a unique function in creating atmosphere and create different moods. Its light does not hit the ground directly, but is placed behind a wall groove or ceiling or behind a wall decoration. The light is projected on the wall and reflected to the ground. The soft light seems to gently scrub the entire space gently and softly. romantic.

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