LED Decorative Light Manufacturer-LED Decorative Lighting: Maintenance Tips


LED decorative lighting always gives people a beautiful […]

LED decorative lighting always gives people a beautiful feeling, because this atmosphere attracts many fans. When decorating indoors, the beautiful LED decorative lighting really makes the room stylish. Of course, the daily maintenance of LED decorative lighting requires skills! The manufacturer of LED decorative lights stated:


One. The cleaning and maintenance of large crystal chandeliers often require high-altitude operations. Attention must be paid to the safety of workers, the safety of work platforms, and the safety of lights. Generally, you only need to clean it once or twice a year to maintain a beautiful, new and glorious performance.


Two. During the light replacement and cleaning process, if the light is replaced, Rongdi recommends using brand-name products with good quality and long service life to avoid problems that affect the appearance of "Dongliangxiliang".


Three. If the crystal ball is dusty, use it on low-grade crystal beads if conditions permit. Can consider using high-quality crystal beads to change. At present, high-quality crystal beads have a dust-proof treatment process, which is not easy to remove dust and has a good effect. In general, care should be taken to avoid damage to decorative lighting by oil fume to maintain long-term use of crystal balls or wafers.


Four. The light holder is refurbished. The real gold-plated light holder can generally be stored for 3-5 years or longer without discoloration; it can be refurbished after 3 years, which means a completely new feeling.


Fives. Regularly check the safety and stability of lights hanging in important locations or people coming and going. Headlights often weigh hundreds of kilograms, and once they fall, the consequences are unimaginable. Therefore, people should be regularly sent to check the buried parts, load-bearing hooks and hanging chains hidden in the suspended ceiling to prevent aging without paying attention and cause accidents.


Six. If possible, check the performance of the built-in wires. If sticky or aging, replace it to ensure safety.



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