LED Craft Light-Material For Modern Craft Art Light


The modern art light is the effect of welding pieces of […]

The modern art light is the effect of welding pieces of stained glass. First, the basic material: stained glass. This glass is not what we see in the glass shop. These stained glass are designed and created by glass craftsmen. According to the glass raw materials of different colors, they are stirred and pressed to produce various kinds of artistic glass with natural patterns. An important raw material needed. Some glass effects are specially made according to the special needs of the designer. The cost is often very high! With this material, creators often design the shapes, patterns, etc. of lights based on these glasses.


  The overall advantage of modern art lights is still reflected in the appearance, which is based on the trend of home improvement, because modern art lights are fashionable and popular with consumers. At the same time, the consumer groups of modern art lights are relatively wide, and there will be modern lights when there is a market. "In addition to the field of home improvement, modern art lights are also widely used in hotel engineering projects. Therefore, the overall development of modern art lights is still relatively good.


 One of the main reasons for modern craft art lights is that LED chips are afraid of heat. Occasionally, if it is heated for more than a hundred degrees in a short period of time, it does not matter. If you are afraid of being exposed to high temperatures for a long time, it is a great damage to the LED chip. Will directly accelerate the progress of light decay. Generally speaking, the thermal conductivity of ordinary epoxy resin is very small. Therefore, when the LED chip is lit, the LED chip emits heat, and the ordinary epoxy resin has limited thermal conductivity. Therefore, when you switch from the white LED When the temperature of the LED bracket is measured to be 45 degrees externally, the chip center temperature in the LED white light may exceed 80 degrees.



 Modern craft art lights make templates for each piece of glass according to the actual size of the pattern. Then use the template to cut the stained glass into the same size as the template according to the designer's color requirements. If it is found that there is still a size error when cutting, then the glass sheet must be polished on the edger according to the template. Modern art lights are widely used in themed lighting shows such as the sea of ​​roses, romantic diamonds, love volcanoes, sailing, lotus pond moonlight, courtship LOVE, dynamic meteor tunnel, dynamic Mount Fuji, love corridor, starry moon and other theme lights, modern art lights With the perfect combination of sound and light, the beauty of stars and glittering lights is outlined.


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