LED Decorative Light Supplier-Buying Tips For Ceiling Decorative Light


Ceiling is a more common type in our interior decoratio […]

Ceiling is a more common type in our interior decoration. It can add beauty to our interior decoration. Decorative lights for ceiling are also very important. Everyone may be confused when choosing decorative lights for ceiling. I do n’t know if I should choose What kind of ceiling decoration light to buy. LED decorative light suppliers explain the buying tips of chandeliers:

1.Check the quality of the light source
Any lightis composed of three parts: the lightbody, the light source and the electrical appliances. The most important of these is the light source, because it is the part that can really bring lighting effects to everyone. The light body is generally used for decoration and auxiliary light sources. Electrical appliances are used to stabilize the light source, or to give the light source an instant start voltage, etc., so for lights, the light source is the most important. There are several indicators for judging the quality of the light source: luminous flux, color temperature, color rendering, average life, light efficiency, and stroboscopic.


2.Check the quality of the appliance
In addition to looking at the effect of lighting, you should also turn on the lights when you buy to see if the light sources and electrical appliances inside have the CCC certification mark, whether the buckles of the wires are firm, and the wiring is neat, requiring no clutter and no twisting. Ceiling lights that use fluorescent light sources require a ballast to light them. The ballast can bring instant start-up voltage and stable voltage to the light source. The quality of the ballast directly determines the life and light of the ceiling light. effect. High-quality ceiling lights have reasonable circuit design and selected high-quality electronic components for production. They have low heat generation, high power factor, equipped with filter devices, low harmonic content, basically no electromagnetic interference to electrical equipment, and high designed operating frequency. , Basically reached the level of non-frequency flash source, protecting the eyesight and physical health of consumers.


3.Check Mask Material
The most common are acrylic masks, plastic masks, and glass masks. The best is an imported acrylic mask that has been stretched twice. Acrylic is a type of plastic, which is characterized by softness, lightness, good light transmission, difficult to be dyed, and does not chemically react with light and heat to turn yellow. The light transmittance is the most concerned by customers. Generally, the light transmittance of plastic masks can reach 60% at most, and the acrylic can reach more than 90%, and the acrylic masks with secondary stretching have very uniform light transmission. The light source cannot be seen from the surface, and the plastic is worse. ,




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