LED Decorative Light Manufacturer-Buying Decorative Lights: 5 Principles


In modern home furnishings, people have no longer met t […]

In modern home furnishings, people have no longer met the need to use only one light bulb to meet the needs of lighting, and more began to pursue decorativeness. Therefore, there are more and more types of decorative lights and more beautiful styles. So what principles should decorative lights choose? Chinese professional LED decorative light manufacturer explained:

Principle one: coordination

 At present, home decoration has certain styles, such as modern style, European style, Chinese style, etc. After selecting a style before decoration, the entire space should be based on this to make corresponding choices. Therefore, when buying decorative lights, you must keep coordination with the design style, such as overall color coordination or style coordination. For modern minimalist style, you can choose white, silver-gray modern style lights, while Chinese style can consider antique sheepskin lights.


Principle 2: Function

Different types of lights are used for different function spaces. At the same time, some psychological and physiological factors should be considered. Therefore, the living room should choose bright, atmospheric and rich lighting, while the bedroom is mainly non-glare and can create a warm atmosphere; the children's room needs to consider the weather of the child and try to choose lively, colorful, and changing style lights. Bathroom lights should be waterproof, and kitchen lights should be easy to wipe and prevent oil fume.


Principle three: energy saving

 Compared with traditional light sources, the trend in the future is led light sources. Therefore, you should choose led energy-saving lights as much as possible in the decoration. Although the price is relatively expensive, it can also save a lot of expenses in future use. .


Principle 4: Simplicity

 Appropriate lighting can add the icing on the cake to the overall home environment. However, overly complicated shapes and very complicated designs will make you feel noisy. Therefore, consumers should choose simplicity in combination with their own homes when buying lighting. Style, choose the right fixture.


Principle 5: Security

Consumers do not want to pursue low prices when choosing suitable decorative lights, but should choose lights produced by regular manufacturers, so that the use of safety is more secure.



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