LED Light Chain: How To Hang An Outdoor Light Chain


The hanging light chain can enhance the style of the ba […]

The hanging light chain can enhance the style of the backyard, terrace or deck, while enhancing the atmosphere of casual parties, dinner parties and so on. Weatherproof hanging outdoor lights will make the area available year-round. Use this guide to learn how to hang outdoor light chains in various spaces around your home.


1.How to hang an outdoor light chain from a tree
Trees provide excellent natural support for outdoor decorative string lights, especially trees on both sides of the grass. This is how to easily string lights in the backyard. When properly installed, your outdoor lights will appear to float in the air once the sun goes down. Here's how to hang outdoor lights using trees:

Step 1: Measure the space between the trees you want to hang a light on. Consider tightening the intensity of the light when measuring. Tight lights have more structure, while loose lights are more casual.

Step 2: Drill pilot holes in the tree where you want to hang the lights on both sides. With the help of an assistant, chain the lights from one tree to the other and hold them tightly with your hands to ensure that the hole spacing is correct. On two trees
Mark the ideal position and drill the pilot hole.

Step 3: Install safety hooks at the marks of the two trees. Install the bulb in the string light.

Step 4: Thread the light chain into the hook to ensure it is firmly in place.

Step 5: Connect the light chain to the extension cable as needed. Check and make sure your light chain is working properly. If necessary, use extra hooks to secure the light chain firmly to the tree.




2.How to hang the light chain on the deck railing
The deck railing is a great place for those who need to know how to hang a light chain in a treeless backyard.

Step 1: Measure your light chain so that the entire area of ​​the deck railing is functioning. Alternatively, illuminate only the major length of the deck railing and keep the sides open.

Step 2: Before starting the installation, make sure that your light chain is connected to an extension cord or is plugged into a power source.

Step 3: Starting from the light chain closest to the power source, use a stapler to secure the light under the railing. This will make the staples invisible to the naked eye, but secure the light chain firmly in place.

Step 4: Continue this process, adding staples near each light. Tighten the light chain.

Step 5: Install the bulb and check your light chain.


3.How to hang an outdoor light chain on stucco, wood and other materials
Those who learn how to hang a light chain in a treeless backyard have another option:

Attaching the string lights to parts of the house made of materials such as stucco and wood is similar to installing them using trees. The main difference is that it may be necessary to secure the hooks in place with material-specific wall anchors before installing the light chain.
In some cases, a combination of hooks and staples is the most stable option, especially when your string lights are in the upper position. This is how to hang a light chain on a covered terrace or deck.




4.How to install a temporary light chain
Permanent installation allows you to use it at any time. However, not every homeowner wants to go through the process of chaining the lights and holding them in place to withstand these elements. The following methods can be used to decorate a backyard or outdoor space without pulling out a drill or using a staple gun:

Hang your light chain between the trees. Seeking a natural look, not a unified architectural style.

Hang the light chain on the bushes and trees or trees. You can delete them quickly and easily after a party or the next day. Use the ladder in hard-to-reach places and produce a more vivid effect.

Create a road or sidewalk with a chain of lights. A little tape can help keep them in place so they don't move all night.

Use painter's tape to secure the light chain under the deck railing. For this reason, always choose a small and light chain.

Illuminate your backyard, patio, porch or deck with stylish light chains of various sizes and lengths. Make a permanent installation, or make it easy with parties and party temporary options. Regardless of your style, the light chain lights can add a unique look to outdoor dining and lounge areas for you and your guests.


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