LED Craft Light-Common Craft Art Lighting Type


Craft lighting is a design concept that perfectly integ […]

Craft lighting is a design concept that perfectly integrates art and technology. While inheriting fashion and traditional culture, it combines tradition and innovation. The decoration on the wall reflects your personality to a certain extent. What are the common arts and crafts lighting?

1.Geometric lights: Geometrically shaped lights, cleverly using only simple geometric patterns, can be linked to design unique and beautiful lighting. The large-area lighting space makes it used in a variety of spaces, with exquisite details, and is a lightfull of artistic beauty.

2.Ceiling light: The traditional chandelier, coupled with its exquisite design, becomes classic and stylish. It is special in that it cleverly uses the principle of light refraction. Under the shape of an irregular lightshade, the contained light is refracted to become uniform and soft.

3.Multi-head lighting: The combination of multi-head lighting always makes people think. The combination of the light source lightand the bracket is reminiscent of blossoming peach branches. The main lines of the lighting are clean and tough, and the scattered lights dotted the entire space, like a carefree running wind. Each form is mapped with a unique light in a different shape.

4.Crystal light: Gorgeous crystal lightis a beautiful outside. Not only decorated the entire space, but also enhanced the temperament. However, it is worth noting that when selecting a light source, avoid light pollution caused by excessive light.

5.Table light: A good table lightshould not only consider light and eye protection, but also pay attention to its mobility. The convenience of mobility has created the versatility of the desk light. Can be used as a bedside light or for reading in the study.

6.Creative lights: There are also creative lights of different shapes, which combine functionality and ornamentality. It can be left as a crafts ornament, and also has a lighting function to decorate the space.


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