Notice For Safe Installation Of LED Holiday Light


LED Holiday Light    have various shapes and are widely […]

LED Holiday Light    have various shapes and are widely used in modern landscape design. It can choose shape, brightness and light color according to the surrounding environment and landscape. For example, red lantern-shaped holiday lights can bring a festive atmosphere to the square, while green coconut-shaped holiday lights can create a tropical feeling when standing by the pool. So what should be noticed in the installation of LED holiday lights? Let's take a look at the installation of LED holiday lights.


1.Pay attention to safety when installing LED holiday light.

The safety precautions here mainly refer to the use of insulated copper wires for festival light circuits; when selecting the cross sections of trunk lines and branch lines, the minimum cross section must not be less than 2.5 square millimeters, and the cross section of the light cap line must not be less than 1.0 square millimeters; each branch line The working current should not exceed 10 amps.


2.The branch lines of LED holiday light should be equipped with separate control switches

In order to create a colorful atmosphere, many LED holiday lights have multiple bulbs. For the sake of safety, in addition to the holiday lights need unified control, each branch line should be equipped with separate control switches and fuses. This allows maximum control in case of an emergency.



3.Pay attention to the firmness of LED holiday light.

Holiday lights are installed both indoors and outdoors. Due to their diverse shapes and lengths, holiday lights have high requirements for supports. Therefore, the support of holiday lights should be installed firmly, and the wires should not be subject to tension and stress.



4.LED holiday light should be installed with warning signs

If the level of the LED festival lights is not laid horizontally, and pedestrians may touch it, you should hang an "Electrical Danger" sign to remind the passing people; when the line is laid vertically, the height from the ground should not be less than 3 meters.


5.Installation of LED holiday light adopts safe voltage

When the distance between the LED festival lights and festival archway lights to the ground is less than 2.5 meters, a safe voltage should be used.


Of course, there is an old saying, that is, when installing, maintaining or cleaning LED holiday lights, you must ensure that the power is disconnected, so as to ensure the most basic safety.



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