LED Night Light Factory-Best Color Description Of Night Light


Many people are used to sleeping under lights at night […]

Many people are used to sleeping under lights at night and always choose a blue / white color lamp. Because many of us think blue / white lights may make us feel relaxed and help us sleep better.

However, a new study shows that blue light has a large effect on mood, followed by white light. This means that if the light color is blue / white, we won't relax or calm down before going to bed.

What is the best color for night lights?
Is it yellow? powder? green? The answer is red! This is really unexpected!

According to hamster research, red lights are best for sleeping. Compared with blue / white light, red light at night can greatly reduce people's depression symptoms.

Why is the red light best for sleeping?
There are special light-sensitive cells called ipRGC in the retina of our eyes. These cells can detect any light, which helps our brain regulate the body's clock. In simple terms, they help determine when people feel sleepy and awake. These ipRGC units are most sensitive to blue light wavelengths and least sensitive to red light.

Tips for choosing night lights
If you don't have a red light, you can switch to other colors of light, such as light yellow, pink, or other colors close to red. Total darkness is actually the best sleep

So if you are afraid of darkness and have to light up when you sleep, it's best to emit red light instead of white light!

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