LED Decorative Light Manufacturer: Main Uses Of Decorative Lights


Because of its rich colors, small size, durability, and […]

Because of its rich colors, small size, durability, and energy saving, LED decorative lights are very suitable for decorative purposes.


 Install it on a circuit board or on a flexible cable or other material. LEDs can be used as light sources for letter lights, signs, track lights, light tubes, etc. Lighting With the development of LED technology, a combination LED is installed in a certain way, and it can emit enough light for indoor lighting. For example, it can be used: night lights, table lights, garden lights and other display LEDs. A typical use It is used for information display and large screen display. They are widely used in stadiums, airports, business centers and so on. Currently the world's largest LED display is in Times Square in Manhattan, New York. LED decorative light backlights are very suitable as backlights for liquid crystal displays because LEDs have very small volumes and low power consumption.



The unity of color is an inherent characteristic of LEDs. It emits a very pure color in a very narrow frequency. This color is calculated using wavelength (LPK) (NM). Wavelength is an inherent characteristic of the LED wafer material. Different materials have different wavelengths, that is, different colors. We know that white light is a synthesis of all colors, but people's eyes do not need the synthesis of all colors in the spectrum, only three colors (red, green, and blue) are needed. Based on this principle, people have thought of many ways to manufacture white LEDs. The most typical manufacturing method is to bury a zinc-type blue LED in a phosphor that emits yellow light.


 Brightness angle
 The light output of an LED will vary with the type of its chip, packaging method, and other differences. But there is no international standard to measure its brightness. Generally speaking, the total amount of light emitted by an LED is measured by the height of a light point in the axial direction, and it is expressed by (MCD) candle.


 An LED decorative light with a very high degree of value does not mean that its light output is very high. To calculate its total light output, it must take its light angle into consideration. The viewing angle of the LED is also a function of the LED chip type and the function of splitting or astigmatism of its epoxy resin case. LEDs with different chips and packages will have different brightness values. If the two LEDs have the same brightness value, the larger the light emitting angle is, the larger the light output is.

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