How To Detect The Failure Of The Led Light Chain?


LED Light Chain    can be seen at night or in large-sca […]

LED Light Chain    can be seen at night or in large-scale occasions, because such decorative lights can create an atmosphere, and in many cases LED lights must be used, but LED light chains can sometimes cause frequent failures. How to eliminate these faults to find the problem?    Ninghai Haohua Electronic&Electric Co ,Ltd   . said today.


The fault detection of the LED light chain should be as follows:


1. After the LED lamp has a fault, the position of the fault should be determined first, that is, whether the drive circuit or the LED string is in the end. As long as the power is on, use the multimeter's voltage file to check the presence or absence of the output voltage at both ends of the LED string.


2. If the drive circuit is faulty, carefully analyze it according to the specific circuit, determine the fault original, and replace it.


3. If the drive circuit has an output voltage and the LED string does not emit light, there is a LED string failure. In general, the failure rate of LED light strings is relatively high, at least I have encountered several LED lamp string failures. Because the LED string is operated in series, if there is an individual quality that is not well blown in the middle, it will cause the whole to not light. The detection of the LED light string is also relatively simple, and it can be measured by the resistance file or the diode file of the multimeter. The diode file of the digital meter can even make the normal LED lightly illuminate and directly observe whether it is normal. Make sure to replace the bad LED lamp beads with a good replacement.