Holiday Light Power And Color Temperature: Selection Points


The development of holiday decorative lights has appear […]

The development of holiday decorative lights has appeared four generations so far. Pay attention to several points when selecting: the packaging of the string, the IC model of the string, the size of the light beads, the white balance of the string, and the string. This will enable you to better buy quality-assured products.


At present, the string on the market is more convenient to use the bayonet design, which is basically suitable for punching various plates. Common boards, electrolytic plates, aluminum-plastic plates, iron plates, stainless steel plates, etc., should pay attention to selection: choose the appropriate board according to the size of the full-color string, the size of the characters and the engineering environment.


In the market, holiday decoration lights are mainly powered by 5V power. The ordinary power supply is 200W 350W, so pay attention to cost saving and sufficient when selecting. Pay attention to the power supply you purchased and make sure that the conceptual power rating is not equal to the actual power. The general power supply is recommended to be 50% of the rated power, and the use rate of high-quality power supply can reach 80% of the rated power.

Since the power of holiday decoration lights is 0.3W each, the whole project needs at least 1000, so the wires should be considered: according to the number of lights connected to each line and the length of the lights connected to the power supply, the voltage drop of the line. 1.5 square meters of pure copper wire is recommended below 2000, 4 square meters of pure copper wire is recommended above 2000.

Holiday decoration light color temperature

It means heating a standard black object. When the temperature rises to a certain degree, the color starts to change from crimson-light red-orange-yellow-white-blue. When the light source color is the same as the black body color, we call it the absolute temperature of the black body at that time. Is the color temperature of the light source.

Generally speaking, color temperature is not an indicator for evaluating LED light bars. However, due to environmental reasons, many foreign customers will make special requirements.

The color temperature of the light source is different, so is the color of the light source:
Color temperature is below 3300K, light red gives a warm feeling; there is a stable atmosphere, warm feeling. This is called warm color temperature.


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