LED Mood Light Factory: How To Choose Indoor Mood Lights?


In the family environment, the mood light can create th […]

In the family environment, the mood light can create the scenes that people need through different brightness and different lighting colors, mainly to play the role of the atmosphere, giving people a feeling of warmth, relaxation and comfort. However, the variety of different mood lights on the market has brought difficulties to everyone's choices.   LED Mood Light Factory introduces you to several basic characteristics of high-quality mood lights:


Soft light: The light from a qualified mood light should be soft, not glaring, and the light is too strong to make the room look dull and lifeless. The best light is 1-2 hours after sunrise, and the color temperature is around 4000-5000K. The light in this color temperature range is comfortable and soft. The music mood light is emitted from the color temperature of 2700K-6000K, completely within the color temperature range of the soft light. The upper part of the music mood lamp is a fine frosted lampshade. The advantage is that the light output is low and the light is soft. It is suitable for office, study and rest.


No stroboscopic: Strobe is extremely easy to cause symptoms such as visual fatigue, dizziness, and discomfort in the eyes. Serious problems such as headache and vision loss may occur. It has also been found in some health check reports that visual impairment is caused by stroboscopic flashing of unqualified lamps. The music mood lamp uses an adjustable stable light source, which can adjust the brightness of the light according to the demand, eliminates the stroboscopic light from the root, and achieves the role of scientific eye protection.


Simple operation: mood lights are not the same as general-purpose lamps. It is necessary to adjust the color and brightness of the lights to achieve the desired lighting effect. Most mood lights do not consider such problems in the design, using backward physical buttons, only It allows consumers to explore buttons in the dark to adjust the color of the lights. The music mood light has built-in sensor gestures, which can quickly sense gestures. You only need to gently wave or tap to change the color of the lights.


Suitable for a variety of home styles: a good mood lamp in the design should consider whether it can adapt to different home styles. Can create an atmosphere of different places. The design of the music mood lamp is based on the natural elements of “Mt. Fuji”. It is simple but not simple. It can perfectly integrate different home styles. It is suitable for decoration in the study, bedroom, living room, entrance, etc. It can create different cafes, bars and so on. The lighting of the environment.


More intimate features: It can only be used to create an atmosphere and it is too monotonous. If there are more functions and uses, it will also add a lot of mood lights. The music mood lamp adjusts the color of the light to create a different atmosphere. The specific red-orange light and red-orange light that can be switched by the light can stimulate the natural secretion of melatonin by the light of a specific wavelength to achieve the effect of helping sleep. In addition, the timing shutdown function of the mood light is also a very user-friendly function.


Ninghai Haohua Company  is a manufacturer that designs and produces various types of LED mood lights. LED mood lights have complete specifications and beautiful styles. We have our own quality inspection systems and testing equipment to ensure product quality.