LED Light Chain Connection Precautions


1.Do not turn on the LED light chain with electricity w […]

1.Do not turn on the LED light chain with electricity when the entire roll of LED light chain is not detached from the packaging or piled up.

2.When the LED light chain needs to be cut according to the length of the field installation, the light chain can only be cut at the place where the scissors mark is printed, otherwise one of the units will not light up, and the length of each unit is generally 1.5-2 meters.

3.When connecting to a power supply or two lightchains in series, first bend the head of the Li-color lightto the left and right to expose the wires in the light chain about 2-3mm. Use a pair of pliers to cut it clean without leaving burrs. To avoid short circuit.

4.Only the LED colorful light chains with the same specifications and the same voltage can be connected in series, and the total length of the series cannot exceed the maximum permitted length.

5.When LED light chains are connected in series, each time a segment is connected, try to light up one segment in order to find out in time whether the positive and negative poles are connected incorrectly and whether the light emission direction of each segment of the light chain is consistent.

6.The end of the light chain must be covered with a PVC tail plug. After being tightened with a band, the surrounding of the interface is sealed with neutral glass glue to ensure safety.

7.Because the LED has unidirectional conductivity, if you use a power cord with an AC-DC converter, you should conduct a power-on test after completing the power connection to ensure that the positive and negative electrodes are connected correctly before putting it into use.



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