LED Keychain: Promotional Goods For Your Business


No one likes groping in the dark, looking for a lock on […]

No one likes groping in the dark, looking for a lock on the front door or a car's ignition. All of us struggled to read the check in the dimly lit restaurant, approached blindly to find the valuables lost under the bed or car seat, and got to our toes when we woke up at midnight. Our bright, compact keychain lights are the perfect solution in any situation and in other situations where you just need some extra lighting. Its flat design leaves enough surface area for corporate logos, slogans and phone numbers, while keeping it small enough to be carried anywhere, anytime, making it not only a convenient accessory, but also one of the outstanding promotional items!


Since this item can be used as a keychain, your customers will always use it on them. Business cards are likely to be forgotten in a drawer somewhere, but keychain lights will actually prove useful over and over again. Today's LED technology is state-of-the-art, allowing these no more than a quarter of LED keychains to provide ultra-bright white light that can last for years. Your customers will think of you every time they pull out the key, and in the future you may call you or refer you to their friends because your company information is always at your fingertips.



This promotional giveaway is a must for any car salesperson or real estate agent! When you give your customer's keys to their new house or car, you will connect this handy LED keychain to their new key, and they will think of you whenever they pull out the small light. The usefulness of this small object will impress your customers, they will definitely tell their friends and pass on your company information in the process. It's a gift of equal value for local businesses, restaurants, entertainment, fundraising organizations, insurance companies, banks, construction companies, marketing agencies, and many other business opportunities!



These handy lights are available in 6 different body colors: black, transparent, blue, green, red and purple, and 5 different LED colors; white, red, green, blue and ultraviolet, and you can create countless suitable Your brand of products. With the ability to print logos, messages, phone numbers, websites, and even QR codes on two different sides of the light, the promotional value is crucial.



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