LED Decorative Light Manufacturer: Performance And Features Of LED Decorative Lights


1. LED decorative light adopts imported chip package le […]

1. LED decorative light adopts imported chip package led light source;


2. LED decorative light design has a large luminous angle, half angle > 120 degrees, uniform color mixing, no color spots;


3.LED decorative light adopts led special constant voltage power supply, the circuit is designed as constant current loop, the performance is very stable, thus ensuring the normal life > 50,000 hours;


4. LED decorative lights have good color consistency, such as red, yellow, green, blue, white, warm white and so on.


5. LED decorative lights are easy and quick to install. After a one-time waterproof treatment, the waterproof rating reaches IP65.


6. LED decorative lights can undertake the processing of perforated light strings;


7. LED decorative lights can be color and full color controller, to achieve color jump, gradient, monochrome, full color flutter and other effects. ,

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