Key Tips For Hanging Outdoor LED Light Chain


Outdoor LED light chain add a lot of beauty to your hom […]

Outdoor LED light chain add a lot of beauty to your home. Most people are familiar with the light chain during the holidays. But you can use outdoor lighting throughout the year to set the atmosphere in the outdoor space.


No matter which option you want to use, you have the right way to hang up the lights. Please follow the 10 tips below to safely hang the outdoor LED light chain.

Choose the right equipment


When you start planning your project, make sure you have all the right equipment. Dealing with power can be astounding, but there are many ways to limit this danger.


GFCI plug
The GFCI plug is an important part of ensuring the safety of your lighting project.

If something strange happens, these convenient devices will cut off the power. It's like current flowing through a person instead of just flowing through a wire.

If the plug you plan to use is not GFCI certified, you should call an electrician. They can replace the plug to ensure proper safety.



Surge protector
To protect the light itself from damage, use an outdoor surge protector. Sometimes, a surge may pass through the line. If they are strong enough, they can blow up your bulb.



Extension cord
Depending on the size of your project, you may need some extension cords. Make sure you get an outdoor use rating. Also, try placing the plug in a place that is not covered by rain or snow.



Electromagnetic hook or plastic clip
Find an easy way to hang up the light. If you use a metal roof, waterproof or siding, you can use a magnetic hook.

Be sure to test your surface with a kitchen magnet first. You don't want to buy a bunch of electromagnetic hooks, just install them to find that they won't work.

If you can't use a magnet, another simple option is a plastic clip. You can use a plastic clip on the edge of the shingles or on the gutter.



Set suspension
You may not want to hang the outdoor light chain on the house. You may want to create a romantic atmosphere in the outdoor space.

It is easy to hang the lights with a few wires. First screw the hook into several 2 x 2 ends. Then attach 2×2 to your railing or stick it on the floor you want to illuminate.

Hanging test light


This is a simple but important step. People often go to hang all the work of their outdoor light chain. Then, when they step back and press the switch, half of the strings are not lit.



Take a moment to insert each string you plan to use to make sure it works first. Also, check if a single bulb has burned out. Making changes on the ground is much easier than hanging it up.



In addition, sometimes only one light bulb goes out and the entire light chain does not work. You must test each bulb individually to find the bulb in question. This is easy to do at the site.



Don't connect too many strings
Running too many strings of lights on the same outlet can be dangerous. Understand the limitations and do not exceed the limits.

You can perform mathematical operations to determine which features are available. Or use the same light chain to read the recommendations on the package.

This is one of the benefits of using LED light chains. They consume less energy, so you can chain them more together without overloading the circuit.

But be careful about the type of wire you use. If the LED lights are pre-wired with 2- or 3-wire harnesses, you can run hundreds of feet. However, if you are using an AWG socket cable, you can only run up to 250 feet. It doesn't matter which kind of bulb you use.



Safety first
Always put safety first in your work. Do not handle the plug with wet hands or standing in the water.

Before climbing the ladder, make sure it is in the correct position. There is a helper who can provide you with items as needed. It is safer (and less work) than climbing the ladder every 2 seconds.



Choose a contact point
Now you can start! Plan your display before starting to hang up those outdoor light chains. Otherwise, your work may seem messy.

First make sure it will be your focus and start working from there. This is how to create a truly stunning light display.



Occasionally take a step back and investigate your work. If some of the display doesn't fit as you intended, it's easier to fix it as soon as possible.

Helpers can also come in handy. You can still hold the light on the ladder. Your assistant can then take a step back and make sure it looks correct.



Connection timer
A good way to save power is to hang the timer on the light. This way, you don't have to remember to open and close them.

You can set it to turn on or off at a specific time, depending on the timer. Alternatively, you can use a light sensor to turn it on at dusk.




Light it up
Now is the fun part! Hard work

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