Car Atmosphere Light


The car ambience light is automatically illuminated as […]

The car ambience light is automatically illuminated as the car's low beam is turned on, no need to open or close it.

The interior ambient light is a kind of decorative lighting. It is usually set in the center console, door panel, roof and central passage. It is available in monochrome or multi-color. Usually red, blue, green, etc., mainly to make the car more beautiful at night, to set off the atmosphere, to create an indoor atmosphere. When driving at night, the interior ambience lights can reduce visual fatigue and improve the driver's driving safety to a certain extent. It should be noted that the brightness of the ambient light cannot be too bright, and it is not easy for the driver to make a mistake in the judgment of the external environment, thereby affecting the normal safe driving.

For the small parts of the car, we must not affect the safety of driving when choosing, the beauty is very important, but more importantly, our personal safety.

How to use the Magotan Ambient Light:

1. Open. The ambience light automatically lights up with the low beam light on;

2, adjustment. Open the MIB display (press the power button in the lower left corner of the screen), press the car button, select the setting in the lower right corner of the screen, enter the menu, select the light option to enter, adjust the brightness of the ambient light.