How To Choose LED Keychain?


Not all keychains are the same, so when you plan to buy […]

Not all keychains are the same, so when you plan to buy an    LED Keychain    , consider the following five specifications:


1. Super powerful LED bulb
Today, most flashlights use LED bulbs that are better than incandescent bulbs, regardless of size. LED bulbs may be smaller than their widely used predecessor incandescent bulbs, but they consume less energy and have no flammable filaments. Even in small keychain flashlights, LED bulbs are durable and offer the most powerful and effective source of brightness. A flashlight containing LED lights is measured in lumens. An LED bulb can range from 9 lumens. If they contain Cree XP-G2 S3 high performance LED bulbs (such as Nitecore TIP), the LED bulb can provide 18O or even 360 lumens, which is the strongest level of illumination for the keychain flashlight. One can produce.

The quality of an LED bulb determines the brightness of the beam and the distance it can reach. Some flashlights can reach 80 yards, while others claim to be able to see the spotlight about a mile away from 240 feet. This is impressive when you consider the use of a small keychain flashlight.



2. Beam type
The LED keychain beam can be projected as a spot beam or a flood beam.

Spot beams can be used to illuminate a small area and work well over long distances. You can use the spot beam to walk along the forest trail. Floodlights cover a wider area and are projected in a conical shape. Floodlights are useful for outdoor DIY family projects, working on cars or walking dogs at night.



3. Brightness setting
Some LED keychains allow you to adjust the brightness level from low to medium, which is convenient for two reasons:

You can use a lower or medium setting to conserve battery power.
It gives you more control over the choice of brightness. You may need to use low light when reading in bed, or use a medium setting in low light conditions, or use a high setting when walking at night.

One thing to remember about the brightness setting:

If you use the high setting for a long time (more than 30 minutes), it may drain the battery or cause the LED bulb to overheat. Even if the LED bulb is not as susceptible to overheating as an incandescent bulb, you can still damage the LED light by overusing the high setting.

If you only need occasional lighting, or for backup or emergency lighting, then you only need a simple flashlight, just turn the switch on and off. However, if you want the entire job, or if you are going to use the flashlight outdoors, choose a flashlight that gives you two or more brightness settings.



4. Battery life
In addition to the brightness and quality of the flashlight beam, battery life is also important. The ideal battery lasts for a long time and gives you the longest run time equal to the number of hours the battery can last before it runs out. Some keychain flashlights come with a disposable AAA battery or button battery for the watch. Alkaline batteries can provide you with 8 hours, which is very suitable for EDC, but some key chain flashlights have a strong NiMH or lithium-ion battery that can be charged via the USB port. The running time in high mode is 90 minutes. More than 46 hours in low mode.



5. Waterproof and impact resistant
Because LED keychains are small and have an ultra-thin design, they can fall into your hands and be damaged. If you use them outdoors, in a humid environment or on a hike, they may be exposed to harsh conditions. The best flashlights are made of rugged materials such as solid brass alloys with high thermal conductivity and low electrical resistivity, scratch resistant titanium coating or HAIII military grade hard anodized aluminum. If they are made of durable materials, they can withstand any violent impact, withstand the impact of falling from a height or temporarily immersed in water, they will continue to provide you with bright light.



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